WAXING ON about glass safety:

Nov 28, 2009
Issue 755

Beth Jacques of Brooklyn asks the following
Hi Alan, and happy holidays to everyone. Despite a tiny bit of putty-like stuff I got from an art supply house, my 1920s Leerdam vase was “helped” off the bookcase yesterday by my cat Briscoe (in a flight of fancy). It survived, but my Carder Steuben won’t — how does the wax method mentioned by Lisa Ackerman work? Just light a candle and drip?

Thanks for your advice.

And, Lisa Ackerman of Orange, California answers
To answer Elizabeth’s question, Museum Wax is a product itself. My friend Katie at Schroeder’s Studio in Orange CA reports that it works, but that it is hard to get the item to come off. She uses monofilament (fish line) to cut through it. If you are having to put so much work into getting it to move, surely Briscoe (if HE too survived said flight of kitty fancy) would have to put in a more concerted effort to move your Carder Steuben.
To get it off the glass, they suggest mineral spirits.

Here is a link: http://www.aftosa.com/museumwax.html
Good luck!!! 🙂 Lisa

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