Dec 2, 2009
Issue 756

I wonder what peoples opinions are about the current state of the antique/glass markets based on the shows and auctions they have attended this fall? My impression is the market is improved from six months ago. The number of ebay items available for sale when you search “steuben” has almost doubled from this summer. The Morristown (NJ) Armory Show held in early November was oversubscribed for dealers with a waiting list of dealers wanting to exhibit. Attendance seemed very good at Morristown as well as at the Pier Show in NYC in mid-November. Watching from my computer, the Cincinnati Art Gallery and Julia’s auctions seemed to go very well (although I was surprised at the number of Steuben items that didn’t sell at Julia’s – you can see them on the Julia’s web site if you want to make an offer). Early’s Auction seems to have had a good fall sale as well. Finally, at least here in the Northeast, there seems to be a fair amount of “buzz” about the return of the Atlantic City Show in late March 2010

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