Blue Aurene & Gold Aurene Colognes

Shape #: 2758
Form: Cologne

Blue Aurene & Gold Aurene Vases

Shape #: 2640
Form: Vase


Shape #: 7051
Form: Bowl

Oriental Jade and Oriental Poppy


Decorated Blue Aurene Fan Vase

Shape #: 6297
Form: Vase

Amber & Celeste Blue Covered Vase

Shape #: 3109
Form: Covered Vase

Blue Aurene Covered Vases
Ring Handles Vases

Shape #: 2909
Form: Vase

Decorated Gold Aurene Vase

Shape #: 131
Form: Vase

Steuben Lamp
Decorated Calcite Vase

Shape #: 429
Form: Vase

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The Mission of the Carder Steuben Glass Association is to encourage and promote the collecting and enjoyment of Steuben glass developed by Frederick Carder and produced during the period from 1903 through 1933, and post-Carder or modern Steuben glass produced from 1933 through 2011. We welcome all who share this interest.

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