Nov 26, 2009
Issue 754

Lisa Ackerman of Orange, California writes
Thanks for the info on the museum gel, Alan. I DO live in earthquake country! I shared this with a friend who has a gallery full of lovely modern day art glass. She has had problems with gel, too. Now she uses putty or wax. The wax is hard to get off the piece, but is more translucent than the putty.
She came in one morning to find some lovely paperweights had ‘traveled’ onto her carpet! The shelf wasn’t completely level! Luckily they didn’t set off the alarm OR break!

On the same subject, Dick Weerts of Osprey, Florida says
I have used museum gel for a lot of years……….We have a 3 year old cat (plus two small dogs) and a lot of open shelves…………the first time I used it I figured the more the better…………it oozed all around the piece and I had to remove it and put most back into the jar. I use about 3 or 4 very, very small dots on each piece that I need to protect, after a day or two it is enough so “Lucy” can march around and not move anything. Less is better.

What’s in a scientific term? Well, Michael Krumme of LA adds on the Moonlight
I presume that Marshall meant, “…doesn’t include neodymium.”

Then Greg Merkel of Corning adds to that Moonlight and Wisteria color discussion
I have analyzed one piece that we believe to be Moonlight, and it did not contain neodymium, so I think that Harrison Hood may have been wrong on that one.

Finally, received a nice Thanksgiving wish from Gerry Eggert of Rochester, New York. Gerry has been quite ill and writes to say he’s recovered and hopes to make next year’s Symposium. Pleased to hear this Gerry.

Now, back to the football games.

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