More on Table Decorations

Mar 3, 2022
Issue 3634

Responses to the question about the use of the fish shaped table decorations:

These were made to be used in several different ways. The most often use is for a flower block but they also used them in lighting and luminor pieces. — Beth Shaut

My guess is that the 3-dimensional one was intended as a luminor in a black base and the other as an awkward flower frog insert. Although both could be used as frog inserts, the full-figured one may fit too tight in the frog. To keep the one-sided one from tipping over I would take a wood dowel, cut it in half, and taper it. Cut the dowel down to where it is not noticeable and insert it without force so you can easily remove it. This should stop any vibrations that might wear on either glass piece. — Bobby Rockwell

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