Carder Art Deco

Mar 25, 2022
Issue 3635

Have you read Tom Dimitroff’s book Frederick Carder and Steuben Glass: American Classics? Since we have seen so many great pieces come to auction recently I have been re-reading the chapter on Art Deco. I think it is interesting that there was a belief that Carder was opposed to the Art Deco style. Tom’s chapter explains that Carder was against mechanization, and the fact is Carder was very productive with Art Deco designs. Just looking at the pictures shows all the different shapes and glass types including Cluthra, Cintra, Acid-etched, Paperweight and more. The more I look at the Art Deco pieces the more I appreciate them, especially the works crafted in black and white.

In Case You Missed It

If you were unable to attend the 2021 Symposium, here is a summary from the Dartt’s presentation on Steuben shades

At last September’s Symposium, our Collectors segment featured CSGA members Chris and Cheryl Dartt who shared stories and photos of their Steuben lamp shade collection.  Their talk, “Just a Shade Obsessed,” covered nearly 25 years of collecting Steuben glass with a heavy focus on shades of all sizes, shapes, colors, and decorations.  They also shared a few of their observations and findings from this journey.  For example, only about two-thirds of their Steuben shades are signed with a stamped fleur-de-lis signature, making it more important to rely on knowledge of glass colors and “feel” to identify a piece as Steuben.  They noted that many shades with the same overall shape have different shape numbers based on their decoration.  They also shared some beautiful examples in turquoise blue, a color that is more common in other forms but harder to find in shades.  The rich variety of colors and decorations was a feast for both the eyes and the heart.

Upcoming Auctions Featuring Steuben Glass

  • Roland NY Auction ~ March 25, 2022
  • Doyle New York ~ March 30, 2022
  • Richard D. Hatch & Associates ~ April 2, 2022
  • Taylor & Harris ~ April 10, 2022

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