CSGA + Corning Museum of Glass

Feb 24, 2022
Issue 3633

Active members of the Carder Steuben Glass Association receive the great perk of membership to the Corning Museum of Glass. This benefit provides you with free admission to the museum and a discount off of purchases at The Shops and Café. Those who have renewed CSGA membership for 2022 should expect to receive CMoG membership cards within the next week. If you are planning to visit CMoG before your card arrives, the Admissions staff can look up your name and confirm your membership.   If you have been meaning to renew your CSGA membership for 2022 but haven’t done so yet, you can submit your application online by clicking here or by following the Membership link at the bottom of The Gazette.

One Fish, Two Fish, Half Fish, Full Fish

In the CSGA Facebook Group, Cheryl Dartt asked:

I have a question for this knowledgeable group. I have two fish table decorations (Shape #7064) that fit in a flower frog. One of them is “3D” and has the same molded decoration on both the front and the back, but the other one is just molded on the front side and has a flat back. This second one has a stem with a hemispherical cross-section that makes it difficult to display properly in a flower frog.

My questions — Why did they make these two different versions? How is the flat one meant to be used? Thanks in advance for any information or thoughts!

If you are interested in joining the Facebook group you can find it here or by doing a search within Facebook for the association name.

Zoom Social

We held our first Carder Steuben Glass Association member event of the year on January 29, a virtual social gathering through Zoom. About 30 of our members joined in conversation and presented a “Show & Tell” of a favorite piece of glass. It was wonderful to share the joy of Steuben with others who have the same passion. If you missed this event, not to worry. We plan to host another event in the spring and hope you can join us!

Symposium 2023
Carder Steuben Glass Association
7-9 September 2023
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