Fabulous Finds

Aug 6, 2022
Issue 3647


Nancy Weibel of Tulsa, Oklahoma posted a simple request to the “Steuben glass collectors club” Facebook group. “I bought about 40 assorted pieces of this yesterday. It appears to be Oriental Poppy. I cannot find any current stemware for sale and don’t want to pay for the sites that show sold items. There are plates and different sizes of stemware. Any other ideas to obtain the values?

The community of glass collectors quickly confirmed her belief that these pieces were Steuben Oriental Poppy with Pomona Green stems. “100% Steuben,” said page administrator Tony Topps. “Very desirable.” The community also offered some suggestions as to where Nancy might find recent sale prices.

Nancy expressed surprise at the values that were suggested, ranging up to a few hundred dollars for each piece. “I am blown away. I found them in a junk store in KS. They are still in boxes in my car.” At the group’s urging she went and retrieved them, carefully unwrapped each piece and laid them all out on her dining room table. “I unpacked my pieces of Oriental Poppy and if I counted correctly there are 56 pieces plus 2 additional pieces that are damaged. They fill up my table.”

The reaction to the photos of such a large, intact collection was immediate. Charlotte Palm’s response captured the feelings of many: “I don’t think there are enough descriptive words for this. Exquisite, gorgeous, breathtaking, etc, etc and so on!” Kathleen Quinn wrote, “What an amazing find. Glad you got them out of the car. Congratulations!”

Nancy is not a Steuben glass collector but happened upon these in the store. “I loved this when I spotted it.” She explained, “We don’t see a lot of older Steuben glass in the midwest. I identified it using Google Lens.” I think we can all agree that Nancy has an excellent eye and are thankful she rescued such a treasure from the “junk” store.

What’s your favorite hidden treasure experience? Share your story by writing to gazette@steubenglass.org.


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Time is running out for our hotel block pricing for the Symposium.  We have preferred rates locked in until August 7th at the Hilton Garden Inn and August 8th at the Radison Hotel Corning hotels.  There is a car event happening the same weekend as the Symposium so other hotels may be in demand.  Please look to make your reservations now to take advantage of the preferred pricing on accommodations.

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