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Jan 12, 2022
Issue 3625

A Tribute to Brent Wedding

Our Association lost Brent Wedding last week. He was a long-time member – attending nearly every Symposium and participating in discussion and activities. He was a quiet man, but extremely knowledgeable and always willing to share. One quick memory – he was asked to bring 3 of his favorite pieces for a program on “Some of My Favorite Things.” Brent brought in about 15 of his ring vases! He said that he couldn’t pick just 3. He loved sharing. Here are a few pictures from years past. Thanks for the memories, Brent. We will miss you. Bonnie Salzman

A Tribute to Greg Merkel

Hello folks,

I am saddened to hear of Greg Merkel’s passing. Dr. Robert Brill introduced me to Greg many years ago as being the “go to interest” concerning the Glass formulas of both Tiffany and Carder. I sent Greg some samples of Tiffany glass in the form of broken shards with the hopes of lending a hand to his research. He was an extremely bright gentleman and a pleasure to have known.


David P. Donaldson, MFA

How sad !! Losing such nice and knowledgeable friends!

Kathie Constable and Steve Davis

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8-10 September 2022
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