Burmese Information – #8570

Jan 13, 2022
Issue 3628

The vase is shape #8570. It was a special order for I believe the Crest Company. There is no record of how many were ordered or if the order was re-occurring. I have seen this shape in both a vase and also drilled for a lamp.

Bobby Rockwell

Norman Skolnick’s statement in a recent Gazette that there is no example shown of a Burmese vase in the Shape Gallery is incorrect. There are actually two versions of Burmese shown as shape 8570. One of the Burmese vases has a matte finish and the other version has a “polished” finish like the one shown in the Gazette.

Scott Hansen

Burmese vase shape 8570 in Gardner & also on page 84 pictured III 126 in Gardner. Very rare
Not sure how many were made or are in existence.

Debby Schultz

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