Saturday Night Banquet Auction

Aug 25, 2023
Issue 3683

Our members and friends have contributed many wonderful items to our annual auction, held during the closing banquet dinner of the Symposium.  The auction helps to raise funds to support of the Carder Steuben Glass Association and allow us to continue to operate the website and other activities to support the glass community.  Thank you to all who donated items!

We have previously shared teasers of some of the auction items and here are a few more…

We have a donation of footed stemware consisting of the handled sherbet, white wine glass, and red wine glass as shown above. (This picture is from Tom Dimitroff’s book Frederick Carder and Steuben Glass, page 72.)  One of the interesting things is all the vessels have the same shape number 6866.  Does anyone know why?  Maybe they were ordered and sold as a set?

We have a scarce original oil painting by Frederick Carder!  Frederick Carder finally retired from his long and productive glass career when he was in his 90s.  In his newly-found spare time he picked up a brush and rediscovered this outlet for his artistic talents.  Most of Mr. Carder’s painting was done after he was 90 years old, and he was still creating oil paintings and watercolors when he was 100.

In addition to the Frederick Carder era glass the auction has very nice selection of post-Carder Steuben pieces.

And what Steuben auction would be complete without some Blue Aurene?


We hope you are planning to attend this year’s CSGA Symposium (September 7-9, 2023 in Corning, New York)The schedule of Symposium events, information on hotel accommodations, and the link to register can all be found on the CSGA website here. Please note that all registrations must be received by September 1.

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