Registration Deadline Tomorrow

Aug 31, 2023
Issue 3684

There’s just one day left to register for the 2023 Symposium!  We have a fabulous line up of behind-the-scenes tours at Alfred University, the Corning Museum of Glass, and the Rakow Library, combined with tons of fascinating speakers and social events.  And don’t forget the final evening banquet and glass auction!  All registrations must be received by September 1, so don’t miss it — register today!


The Carder Steuben Glass Association group on Facebook started last year and has steadily continued to grow. We recently hit 300 online members! The group has been a place to share photos, inquire about glass types or whether a particular piece is Steuben, and to share knowledge with each other. In recent weeks there have been some fabulous photos posted to the group, and we thought we would share a few of them with you here.

If you’re on social media and are interested in joining the CSGA Facebook group you can find it here or by doing a search within Facebook for the association name. The group has a “Private” setting, meaning that only members can see what content is shared within the group. When you ask to join the group there are a few short questions to answer, an admin will review your request, and then once approved you can post to the group and participate in the conversations.

Symposium 2024
Carder Steuben Glass Association
13-14 September 2024
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