Glue Chip Decoration

Dec 31, 2022
Issue 3662

Happy New Year!  This is our last issue of The Gazelle Gazette for 2022.  We hope everyone has remained safe over the past week given the extreme weather and severe storms that affected much of North America.  We wish you all health and happiness in 2023.

Earlier this year we received the following website inquiry for a beautiful pitcher and tumbler:

“I recently acquired this lovely pitcher and tumbler set, that appears to possibly be Steuben. The pitcher looks like #6460 in Bristol Yellow and Pomona Green and tumbler #6232. I have not been able to identify the treatment, although it looks similar to the finish on item #CSC-30451. Pitcher has a ground pontil under the etch, and the rim of the tumbler is ground and polished. Both applied handles are satin finished. All the glass is UV reactive, however the green is much more intense.  The pitcher measures 10½” to the rim, 11″ to the top of the handle with a 3½” foot.  The tumbler measures 5⅞” tall with a 2¼” foot.”

Scott Hansen responded, “These pieces were made by Steuben during the Frederick Carder era (1903-1932) and you have correctly identified the shapes and colors of your pitcher and tumbler.”

Glue chip decoration can be found on p. 62 of Gardner’s “The Glass of Frederick Carder.”  The process is described where the piece is covered in glue, which shrinks when it dries and pulls away flakes from the surface.  There is another piece in the shape gallery which came from the collection of Jim Sutterfield.  This is an unusual decoration for Carder Steuben, though glue chip was a popular decoration for Czechoslovakian glass of the same time period.  Was there any cross pollination of technique?  Let us know if you have seen any pieces of Carder glue chip!


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  • Treasureseeker Auctions — Jan. 1, 2023 Featuring several modern Steuben decorative works.
  • Sarasota Estate Auction — Jan. 7, 2023  Contains both Carder era and modern Steuben items, including a chain decorated Blue Aurene vase.
  • Andrew Jones Auctions — Jan. 16, 2023  Offering Carder Steuben items including an Gold Aurene ACB lamp and Florentia compote and center bowl.
  • Bonham’s Skinner — Jan. 18, 2023  Featuring a large collection of shades and several hard-to-find Steuben items from the Dimitroff family collection.
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