Celebrate Green

Mar 17, 2023
Issue 3666

Even if you’re not lucky enough to be Irish, you can still celebrate GREEN! ☘️

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!  This day is a great time to share some beautiful green glass. Frederick Carder produced objects in many different shades of green, ensuring that later collectors and researchers would have much to discuss when trying to identify the exact color of a piece. Thankfully it’s easy to enjoy the glass even if the color identification is tricky.

Here are some pretty photos from the gallery. We welcome you to share photos of green glass from your collection. And remember, “Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you.”


Do you have ideas for a topic that you would like to see featured in The Gazelle Gazette?  Do you have a question that you believe our extended glass community could help answer?  How about a photo of a new acquisition that you’d like to share?  We want to hear from you!  Please feel free to drop us a note at gazette@steubenglass.org.


  • Taylor & Harris — March 19, 2023  Offering a mix of Carder-era and modern Steuben pieces.
  • Woody Auction — March 31, 2023 Contains a few Carder Steuben pieces.
  • Taylor & Harris — April 16, 2023  Offering a mix of Carder-era and modern Steuben glass including several stemware sets.
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