A New Addition to the Shape Gallery

Feb 18, 2023
Issue 3665

We have had a recent addition to the shape gallery that we wanted to share.  One of our contributors found three lovely engraved goblets at a flea market.  He initially submitted some photos as an inquiry, wondering if these glasses were Steuben and seeking additional information. The CSGA webmaster shared back that the wine glasses match Steuben shape number 7028 in color Bristol Yellow. The contributor confirmed that upon cleaning the glasses he found that one has a fleur-de-lis signature on the bottom of the foot, which helped clinch the identity.  He allowed us to add these photos to the Shape Gallery; they are the first colored glass examples that we have for this shape.  It’s great to know there are still finds to be had!


We held our member Zoom meeting in late January and enjoyed a beautiful and informative presentation on fan vases from CSGA President Karen Beeman.  The presentation covered works of several glass makers from both the United States (including Frederick Carder’s Steuben) and Europe.  Many Czech and Bohemian glass makers produced vases in this broad-topped shape, and Robert and Deborah Truitt use the term “fan vase” to describe this shape of vase in their reference book “Collectible Bohemian glass: 1880-1940.”  In case you were unable to attend the presentation, we have some photos to share.


Membership cards for the Corning Museum of Glass were mailed to all current Carder Steuben Glass Association members last week.  This is just one of the great benefits of CSGA membership.  Please contact the club secretary (secretary@steubenglass.org) if you have not yet received your cards.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to renew your CSGA membership for 2023 (or join us for the first time) it’s not too late to enjoy the benefits.  Completing the membership form is fast and easy via the website here.  Thank you for your support!


  • Magnum Auctions — Feb. 26, 2023  Contains several vases in a variety of glass types.
  • Akiba Galleries — Feb. 28, 2023  Featuring several items including acid cutback vases and a cut-to-clear Flemish blue centerpiece bowl.
  • Taylor & Harris — Mar. 19, 2023  Offering a mix of Carder-era and modern Steuben pieces.
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