Dec 19, 2009
Issue 770

In the last Gazette (#769) Gail Bardhan at The Rakow Library gifted us a bibliography of Carder articles on file at The Rakow and offered to assist requests to through interlibrary loans to see copies of the articles. One of our list members was aware of an article in a popular magazine that wasn’t in that bibliography and asked what’s up with that.

My answer was of the thousands of magazines and publications The Rakow doesn’t know or have a way to necessarily have every last one. However, if you have an article unlisted or publication I’m sure The Rakow would be delighted to have it and list it as a repository of the most complete set of information in existence. Well, maybe a close judgment call compared to Bob Mueller’s massive collection of ephemera; but then, Bob’s is a private collection. So, having said all of this let me suggest if you have something that could be an addition and isn’t in The Rakow list send it to The Rakow. They’d not only be thrilled to make their collection that much more complete, but it would be a true gift to Carder afficionados and future researchers.

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