Dec 14, 2009
Issue 766

Miriam Martinez at CMoG reminds those who may want to purchase the Journal with the article on Steuben giving glass to the Smithsonian.
Good morning Alan,

Tom did a fine job describing the article in the NGR 2009. I just want to remind you, that you and all our Association Members get a 15% discount when they place their order. Now, that makes for a wonderful gift at this time of the year.

Note–if ordering the website shows it for sale at $30. I don’t know how you get the discount if a member of the Carder Steuben Club, and therefore, a member of CMoG. However, at checkout there is a place for comments and you can add a note you are a CMoG member.

Then Steve Skalsky of Chandler, Arizona asks

Greetings Alan,
Happy Holiday’s to all. From this link, there was previous ‘Journal of Glass Studies’ volumes (51, I believe) that looked like they were still available for purchase. Do you perhaps know, if any of these journals were related to Carder glass, or whether there is an overall index of topics for each journal?

Steve, while we may get a better answer one answer is go to website Next look on the left hand side for a link to the Glass Market. Double click. Next, on the left hand side there is a reference to books and cd’s. Hover over that and you’ll see a reference to Journal of Glass Studies. Click and voila, you’ll find about 35 or so for sale. Next, go to the picture of any of the glass studies and double click. There will then be a description of the contents of that particular edition.

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