It’s Membership Renewal Time

Nov 1, 2022
Issue 3656

Happy November!  We are officially kicking off our membership renewal drive for 2023.  You can support the Carder Steuben Glass Association by renewing your membership (or, of course, joining for the first time).

Club membership dues are the main source of funding that enables us to keep the website active, bring the Gazelle Gazettes to your inbox, and support our organization’s mission to encourage the knowledge, appreciation, and love of Steuben glass.  We couldn’t do all of this without the support of our association members.

The dues of $35 for one person, or $55 for a two-person household will keep you as active members through December 31, 2023.  It’s easy to renew online by visiting the CSGA website here.  Please take a moment and renew your membership today!

More stories and photos from this year’s Symposium that was held September 8-10 in Corning, New York…


Joe Schill is an archivist with the Rakow Library. He spoke at our virtual symposium last year about his project of sorting, boxing, and cataloguing the Carder papers.  During that project, Joe found letters, trade catalogs, and other items from about 1925 – 1935 that advertised Pyrex glass as a building material.  This period coincided with the rise of skyscrapers in New York City.  Joe identified the Niagara Mohawk Building in Syracuse NY (1932), the Empire State Building in NYC (1931), and Rockefeller Center in NYC (1933) among those that used glass from Corning Glass Works in building construction.  Joe shared correspondence from architects, designers, and others to Frederick Carder regarding the installation of beautiful glass panels at Rockefeller Center.  This fascinating information was enjoyed by all.


On Friday evening of the Symposium we gathered for one of the favorite events of the weekend — glass gazing in the Carder Gallery at the Corning Museum of Glass.  For any Steuben enthusiast it is a jaw-dropping experience to be surrounded on all sides by shining examples of some of Frederick Carder’s finest work.  Attendees enjoyed refreshments and good conversation while wandering the aisles and enjoying the beautiful glass.

Symposium 2023
Carder Steuben Glass Association
7-9 September 2023
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