Nov 23, 2009
Issue 751

Ed Bush of Painted Post, NY passes along this gem.
In about 1988 Bob Rockwell gave me a copy of a manuscript written by Harrison Hood that listed the colorants used in many of Carder’s glasses. Mr. Hood was a highly-regarded glass scientist at Corning Inc., and he probably obtained the information from Carder’s notebooks. I transcribed the manuscript exactly as written by Mr. Hood except for a few words I added that are enclosed by parentheses. I will send you the typed copy via another email, and you may use it in the Gazette if you wish.


Transcribed By E. A. Bush from a Manuscript of Harrison P. Hood

Amber – Manganese and iron oxides
Carbon Amber – Titanium dioxide-carbon-sulphur
Celeste Blue – Copper oxide
Flemish Blue – Cobalt oxide + little manganese (oxide)
Dark Flemish Blue – Cobalt oxide 12x Flemish blue + little manganese (oxide)
Vigilite Blue – Cobalt oxide about 3x Flemish blue + little manganese oxide)
Cintra Blue – Cobalt oxide about 6x Flemish blue
Citron Yellow – Chromium oxide and uranium oxide
Flint Brown – Iron oxide
Pomona Green – Copper and uranium oxides
Vigilite Green – Copper and chromium oxides
Antique Green – Copper-manganese-iron-cobalt oxides
Light-Medium Flint Greens – Copper-chromium oxides
Aurene Green – Copper-chromium oxides
Light Aurene Green – Copper-chromium-silver-nickle oxides
Jade Green – Chromium-copper-uranium oxides
Alabaster – Sulphates and fluorides (calcium sulfate and cryolite)
Canterbury – Nickle oxide
Purple – Manganese (oxide)
Rose DuBarry – Manganese-tin-gold oxides
Black – Chromium-manganese-cobalt oxides
Cintra black – Nickle-chromium-manganese-cobalt oxides
Light Topaz – Uranium oxide
Dark Topaz – Uranium oxide plus manganese oxide
Jade Yellow – Alabaster by sulphates, uranium oxide col(orant)
Canary Yellow – Alabaster by sulphates, silver oxide
Cerise Ruby – Sulphur & selenium
Bristol Yellow – Titanium-uranium-cerium oxides
French Blue – Cobalt-nickle oxides
Moonlight – Didymium (neodymium-praseodymium oxides)

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